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Product list    
HJ Department of temperature sensor / transmitter series
HJ100 series of portable vehicle weighing board
PTJ409 pressure transmitter system air conditioning units
PTJ407 / 8 Industry Type 2088 pressure transmitter
PTJ406 pressure / temperature transmitter integration
PTJ405 proof system pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ404 Department of corrosion pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ403 flat line pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ402 Department of ultra-high pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ401 ultra-high temperature pressure sensor / transmitter
HJ series pressure switch
WPJ Department of weighing / force measurement sensor
1151/3051/3351 capacitance transmitter
Smart Pressure / Level / Pressure Transmitter Series
PY / P / HJ series pressure / temperature control instruments
PTJ410 Department of Micro-pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ500 Department of pressure / differential pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ300 system level sensor / transmitter
PTJ200 Department of common pressure sensor / transmitter
PTJ100 melt pressure sensor system

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0757-88226659 88223389
0757-88220169 88223359
0757-88227759 88228389
Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Gao Gao District, East Avenue, a row of 7 to 24

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Hao Jie, Foshan City, Guangdong Province Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in pressure measurement and control systems, weighing, measuring force control system, PLC programmable control, scientific research, development, production, installation and commissioning. Products include rubber, chemical fiber, petrochemical, building pipelines, automation, constant pressure water supply, air pressure test, leak test, hydraulic pressure testing and other measurement and control c......
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